4 iPad Apps To Control Your Home

The Key to Smarthome Bliss: A Single App

We live in an Apple culture, and with that, there is an application (app) for everything. The iPad – Apple’s touch screen tablet – has moved far beyond the novelty phase and people can no longer leave home without the iPad. Appliances bought for our homes can now be connected to Wifi, and with that, these household appliances can be managed from the convenience of the iPad.

Here are four handy apps to control your home:

Crestron Control Solutions app


App Cost: Not specified

System Cost: $5,500 (cheapest system)

Crestron’s Control Solutions app allows a person to control the television, movie players, music players, lighting, and security systems from an iPad or iPhone.

First you need a home outfitted with Wifi enabled appliances, and an iPad or iPhone. Then you go to Crestron.com and complete their form, describing what systems you want to control and monitor. Crestron will then email you a copy of their “Smart Guide to Home Control eBook.”

Crestron’s Prodigy full home system includes the hardware for four zones of audio, one thermostat, 15 wireless light dimmers and switches, on an in-wall touch screen. The retail price for the system is: $5,500.00

Crestron will gladly install a touch screen in every room of your home, but expect it to come at a hefty price.

Lutron Home Control+ app


App Cost: $19.99

System Cost: Quote obtained after assessment

Lutron’s Home Control app allows you to monitor the temperature in the various rooms of your home, adjust the lights, and close the shades. You can also integrate Wifi enabled appliances, add audio, video, security systems, and HVAC to the Lutron Home Control system.

Savant TruControl app


App Cost: $9.99

System Cost: Quote obtained after assessment

Savant’s TruControl app allows the user to control the house audio, video, lighting, communications, internet router, temperature, and security.

Savant’s TruImage app software allows you to control various appliances in your home by touching on it from your iPad. You turn on the light of the room, which is illuminated on the iPad, then you touch the appliance (from the live feed on the video camera) you want to manage.

Savant boasts simple multi-room access, by just pinching on the iPad screen, and an image of each room appears on the screen.

The Savant system sound pretty cool for someone that wants to show off what I can do from my iPad.

Control4 My Home iPad app

App Cost: Free

System Cost: Quote obtained from licensed dealer

Control4 My Home app allows control of home audio, video, the home theater, security system, and internal temperature of the home. Control4 offers touch screens, but also elegant-looking lighting control that is unique to the Control4 system.

Note that the app is free, however the app will only work with a “Mobile Navigator license,” only available from a Control4 dealer.

Control4 boasts user interface features available on the iPad are a lot better than the app available for the iPhone.