How To Have A Cheap Vacation And Still Have Fun

5 Budget – Friendly Vacation Ideas

When you think of summer, you naturally think about some fun, hard-earned time off with the family. But, for most of us, considering a vacation can be somewhat daunting, especially when we start seeing how fast our bank account depletes the second after we leave the house. So, is it possible to have fun on a cheap vacation? You might be surprised to find out that it actually is!

Take a look at some of the ways you can plan your next fun vacation and do so on a budget!

  • Plan ahead of time – Perhaps the biggest key to saving money on a vacation is planning it well in advance, at least six months prior to actually going on vacation. You probably know that purchasing airline tickets last minute or booking a hotel late can result in paying higher prices, so choosing your destination and the time of your trip early can really benefit your wallet in the end.
  • Conduct price comparisons – Though it will take some research on your part, you do want to use the internet to do some smart price comparisons of everything from hotels to vacation packages and recreational tickets. This will require you to have a basic plan as to what you want to do at your destination, so you might want to have a family meeting first. Once you know what you want from your vacation you can compare pricing and identify the best place to get the lowest rates.
  • Look for freebies and deals – Use sites, like Groupon, that highlight specials and deals to help you plan entertaining activities for the family. Additionally, it can help to visit the official pages of restaurants and attractions you plan on visiting while away, as you might find there are daily specials or coupons that can be considered for your vacation. Also, check with the hotel that you are staying at for money-saving suggestions or deals they might have with local attractions or entertainment venues.
  • Make it a group trip – Though you might not think it, oftentimes there are discounts when you travel in a group to a destination or attraction. Some locales will offer discounts or freebies for larger groups as they are expected to generate more business from them. Typically most hotels and recreational attractions will consider a party of 10 or more to be a group, and will offer some type of incentive or deal. More may actually make your wallet merrier.
  • Use your credit card – If you have a credit card that gets you frequent flyer miles or points that can be used toward a later vacation, this is always the best way to pay. You can use the money you spend on this vacation to help fund the vacation you plan for next summer!

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can penny pinch and still make it a great vacation for everyone included. Cheap vacations can equal a fun summer event that you will want to look forward to.