Should Brain Pills Be Allowed In The Workplace?

The majority of people are fine with brain doping, as long as you don’t call it that.

What if your co-workers were smarter than you made more money than you, and seemed to always get ahead? Your co-workers may be using performance enhancing brain pills in order to achieve these results. Is this an unfair advantage?

“Brain Pills” also known as smart drugs, memory enhancers, intelligence enhancers,limitless pills, or by it’s scientific name nootropics is a well kept secret that many people using these supplements would like to keep quite.

We’ve been able to hack the brain by dramatically improving the electro-chemical signaling in the neural channels in our brains…

…Basically its viagra for the brain. Your co-workers are probably secretly using this and running circles around you everyday.” Brian Shultz a researcher at Geniux told us.

Does This Give Co-Workers An Unfair Advantage?

This is the question that many people are asking. Does this create an environment where not taking these brain enhancement pills will create a disadvantage for people that choose not to take these supplements?